Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Week in Which I Barely Knit

Hi all--did you survive tax season? Are your papers and money sent in? I did mine once I got correct documents from one of my freelance clients (insert grrr here) and had that all off by the end of February/first of March? But I just sent in first quarter check for estimated. The joys of working for yourself--not only do you get to lose time in the evenings but you get to send in huge amounts of that money to the government! Yay.

It paid for my braces though, so I'm trying not to be bitter. And it looks like I'll have another/more opportunity(ies) for medical editing coming very soon, which is excellent. 

Knitting content?  Oh right..knitting blog. Hmmm

There hasn't been much knitting at Chez Hedgehog of late and I can't really explain why. I've been home in the evenings.  Some of it has been reading time--paperbacks and pointy sticks don't quite work. Yes, I know, i could invest in a very expensive e-book reader and then buy masses of books to read on it while it's on a kickstand of sorts--I'm a public librarian. I get most of my books from work. (Not counting the half dozen or so that have come this past month new/used from online sources....)

I did finally get the pictures up from the Knitting in Public Day at work--about which I'll actually be blogging over at Hedgehog Librarian because it was a library event. But the work pictures, taken by me and valiant assistant Laura, are here. I'm the one in the b/w dotted swiss blouse with a red tank underneath. Because both of the socks I had with me that day were at points that required more thought than I could devote to knitting, I cast on yet another sock that day, which I've since ripped out. Plain vanilla socks for me are 2x2 rib....I'm having some kind of issue with stockinette socks. 

More from the mailbag soon--because the postman has been buy with pretty things. I was leaving for work on Tuesday and passed him coming into the building. He knows I'm home Tuesdays to let him in for me or other tenants--other days he knows to try and get someone else to buzz him in to leave my boxes for me. He's really nice and doesn't seem to mind just how much I prefer to have shipped here rather than going to the mall.

In the interim, Gypsy's meerkat impression:

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