Thursday, January 21, 2010

UFOlympics: Lattice and Lace Afghan

**Prescheduled, I'm still in Egypt...still back next week**

I'm not taking part in the Ravelympics this year--instead, the UFOlympics.

Enter the Lattice and Lace afghan.  According to Ravelry I started it in May of 2007 which makes it nearly 3 years old. It is on long pointy straights and has been neglected in it's basket for a long time.  Once in a while I'll break it out, do just enough rows to remember the pattern and then ignore it again.

I can't find the pattern I originally used.  Wrong side purl rows with K2 P2 border as memory serves and then the right side is something like K2 P2 *K2 YO [K3TOG or S1K2TOGPSSO] YO K2 P2... It's very readable, which is good. More on that when I actually pick it up.

It is out of Red Heart, so while it's not my beloved 100% merino, it'll be ridiculously washable. This is especially good as this yarn has lived with me in either three or four states over the years. 2 apartments, 2 cats, etc etc etc...yah, time for a good scrubbing. And it will be huge. I'll take a width measurement when I start again but based on how much of the burgundy and pink I have--we're looking at just short of wow-big.

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