Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finishing the Hat

It continues to be cold and as my place of work is trying very hard but not really able to keep up with the chill outside (we're still not in positive temps (-2F/-18C) when I started this post) it's very chilly in my cube.  I'm sitting on my heating pad and trying to stay warm.

But I have the first project of the year done!

Sunday night, I took a left turn on the Malabrigo Sockhead that I've been working on and decided that it was more likely to be worn as a beanie. I also noted that if I finished it, I could layer it under the bulky weight ear warmer (not handknit but it's cute) when I had to come to work today. A few decreases later and ta da, I have a hat!

Yes, I'm wearing it indoors right now. It's cold in here.

This took about 200 yards of Malabrigo sock weight on size 2 (2.75 mm) needles. I knit about 5" of ribbing and then 5" or so of stockinette, worked the decreases and cast off. I only cast on 128 stitches, so I ended up ending with 16 stitches rather than 10.  

It's soft and warm and obviously already in rotation. 

Tonight's plans? Finish up the fingerless mitts in planning for me and start a giant alpaca cowl. It may be headed back up to nearly 40F/4C by the weekend but I'm taking no chances.  

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