Sunday, February 19, 2017

I Came, I Saw, I Swift.... Swift-ed... Swift'd

I wound yarn.

That just sounds far less fun that "swift'd"  But it does mean that the rest of the yarn for my make up from Junior Fall Semester for Loopy Academy has been would and is available without delay --a  good things as I've started using all but two skeins of it.

The shawl continues apace, I'm on section 3 and I don't have any photos for you. I'm on the "outer cog" section, which is thankfully going to require far less attention than section 2 did. 18 rounds but relatively straight forward. If I can get some concentration going on the train this week that should be doable. The edging repeats are definitely going to take some time.

The owls are also moving right along. And yes, I changed my mind about the inside out thing. Unlike the elephant of last fall, I don't have to stuff this toy until the very end, which means my style of knitting doesn't affect the final product. Owl 1 is still missing wings and eyes and I need to sew down the beak rather than use a DPN and attempt to stab myself while taking a quick photo.

Owl 2 is just over halfway done. There are 110 rows in the project and I'm on 63. This is mindless enough for tv watching but not quite for reading through news feeds or blogs. I have a post it note going marking my rows, it's just easier that way for me. Of course, all of this taupe means I really want something else bright and cheerful to knit. Must get those gloves started. 

And here is my "help."  This is immediately post-yawn.  She takes up a large portion of the desk and while I adore her as a small feline, she's been in the way a lot.

But it looks like I might be able in the next 9 days to nearly meet my incredibly optimistic goal of re-doing Fall semester in the month of February, which means I need to make sure I'm still happy with my yarn and project choices for Spring Semester if I'm going to hit buy sometime early next week.

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