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Loopy Academy Semester 2: Off the Needles, Off to the Gift Bin

Done done done!!  I finally finished and uploaded my Loopy Academy Semester 2 Freshman Year projects. With 24 hours to spare even.  Forgive the mediocre photos, Chez Hedgehog is a mess due to projects and I just wanted to get things done, photographed, and posted.

First up, my striped project was the ruffle alligator shawl.  (The Ravelry links are all to public pages if you want to click through). Product of a lot of short rows and moving stitch markers, this ended up taking 3.6 skeins of the dark blue and 3.9 of the light blue.  I used Cascade 220 Superwash Sport. It's a lovely shawl, densely squishy, and entirely not my taste. I tried it on and the Philosopher agreed with me. So, it's off to the gift bin while it tries to sort out it's destiny.  This also was the overambitious project--1006 yards where I needed 175.  I really should know better.

Next up, slipped stitches and this light hat.  I find that I forget how quickly hats can go, even this one which required me to…

Stash Dash: Something of a Plan

Stash Dash 2015 finally kicked off on Friday and I started sprinting to finish my Loopy Ewe Academy Spring Semester Freshman projects. I got two done over the weekend! Hooray! More pictures and details on those soon, they just need a bath, block and photos.

Finishing those puts me at a solid start of around 1200 yards towards what I'm hoping will be an easy 5K (5469 yards). Obviously I don't expect to get through that same amount every weekend, although if I did I'd have a much smaller stash and/or would need to buy yarn more frequently.  Monday I knit some but mostly gave my hands a rest; I noticed some strain after churning through all of the garter stitch to finish up the shawl on Sunday.

I was trying to sort out projects to develop a general plan for the summer so hopefully August 14 won't sneak up on me. I'm not quite to the level of "I have a spreadsheet and need to knit x number of yards per week" that a few people are doing but it's good to g…

To the Wire: Loopy Academy Semester 2 Progress

I almost put progress in scare quotes, though those are ridiculously overused, but I do have actual progress to discuss, so it's not an untruth.

The end of semester 2 for Loopy Academy Freshman year is fast upon us, only another 2 weeks remaining.  Many people are long done and have submitted their projects already, I'm going to be in the final round of uploaders, trying to get things in under the wire. That's for 3 reasons: (1) I greatly underestimated how long my shawl would take; (2) I have been avoiding the felting and slipped stitches projects because I don't really care about either of them; and (3) knitting for some reason doesn't get done when I set things aside and wander off for a couple of months.

Yes, it's true, I'm not especially enthused about my felting project or my slipped stitches project. I don't like felted projects and it was an extra blow to see on Ravelry that my original plan: the French Press felted slippers, didn't use up th…

Sock Show Thursday: Distracted by Shiny

I was churning away at the Superhero socks and then I hit that point on the foot where I'm not sure if I'm ready to start the toe or not. It's never a good point, because inevitably I'm out or planning to be out and I can't measure or sit down and try them on or whatever.

And that's where I was last Friday on my way out of the door to a symposium, which is why I grabbed another skein of wound sock wool, more size 1 (2.25 mm needles) and started yet another pair of socks. It's only Pair 4 for 2012, technically I'm way way behind if I'm still shooting for 12 pair this year.

This is the other skein of Zitron Wolkenspiel that I picked up at Nina a while back. I've added another 10 rows or so to the leg since taking this picture but really, will it look that much vastly more interesting until I get to the heel?

At least it's churning along. It's not getting much love now that the conference I cast it on for is over. Too many other things to …

Spoils of YarnCon

The Philosopher is home in Florida and I'm told that at least one friend there has put in a very hard plea for a pair of socks. I really need to start a wish list, I've got several things that are in the must-be-done sooner rather than later pile but I've not been planning well. With Stash Dash coming up in just a couple of weeks, some forward thinking would not go entirely amiss.

Especially as I've managed to buy more yarn. We had YarnCon in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, it's a great local festival and I got to track down a Twitter knitting buddy. I don't think I'll ever stop being entertained by being able to walk up to someone, say "Hi, I'm *insert handle here*" and pick up with a total in-person stranger where we've left off online the day before.

I only had a couple of hours at YarnCon, the Brunette was in town and he trumps even good yarn. Still, lovelies can be acquired hastily.

I had to, of course, swing by the Sophie's Toes b…