Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year's End

And this the last day of the year.  I've been trying to think ahead to all of the plans and goals for knitting in 2016, which still seems very far away rather than mere hours. This past year flew past quickly though there are a number of aspects I will not be sorry to leave behind.

Per Ravelry, I finished far fewer projects this year than in years' past.  2014 must have been quite a banner year, 42 projects. Of course, 3 super bulky cowls that knit up in something like 5 minutes each helped with that. This year I finished 24 projects and knit somewhere right around 5 miles of yarn. (Pictures of some Christmas knitting) 

(Deb's hat) 

There's a possibility I'll still finish one more pair of socks today but if not, then they'll be the first project finished in the new year and nothing wrong with starting off with a bang (or a toe).

(Deb's hat)

2016 knitting already has a lot of plans and event knitting-- a couple of babies, a couple of gifts I've had in the back of my head, more sock knitting. Always more sock knitting. I leave in a week for a trip to Boston and so have been trying to decide what will be the best yarn for that trip. Part of me is considering stalking a couple of yarn stores there but a resort of yarn in the past couple of days points out just how much yarn I'm trying to stuff into overfull bins. 

(Pair 5 of the Year, in the Van Gogh's Sunflower colorway)

And therein I think is the actual goal: to use the yarn I have. I seem to make that goal on a regular basis with more/less luck. This year I certainly continued to add at a rate faster than I decreased. So for Loopy Academy Sophomore Semester Spring my goal is to buy *only* the yarn I need. I can get through a fair amount of yarn before YarnCon, which should be my next in person shopping and buying too much yarn event.

I'd like to get my stash back to yarn I remember owning--even when I think I have all of it in Ravelry occasionally a skein surprises me.  I'd like to have space in the bins.

And I want to focus on knitting things that make me happy.  So it's off to the queue to see what objects I can make that will do that.

Wishing you a peaceful end of the year and hope you are looking ahead to wonderful crafting things.

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