Friday, October 9, 2015

Name Change?

Perhaps for October I should just change the name of the blog to Hedgehog Buys Yarn. Because there's not a lot of knitting happening at Chez Hedgehog.

Part of it is because of my new devices. Not having to worry about the battery dying between work and home means I'm working more on the train. That is a mixed blessing--I arrive to work email already gone through and two or three things started or addressed or something, but that means I'm reading and knitting less. I expect that to swing back around as the novelty of newness wears off (or maybe if my email stops exploding every day).

This doesn't count as "new" yarn...not really. It was yarn I intended to buy at Stitches Midwest, but the dyer hadn't brought any of that colorway along and so I had to order it later.


From Jennifer at Holiday yarns.  This is the Fathom colorway on her DK base, which is 100% merino. It came out very differently from the FlockSock base, which was more muted. (I made socks out of that, see here). I'm not entirely sure what it will be as yet. I had something in mind in August but I didn't write it down and so whatever thought that was has long disappeared. Even thoughts that get written down these days are struggling to keep up it seems.

And that box I mentioned from The Loopy Ewe showed up. So, um, yeah, more yarn coming as soon as I get pictures taken.

Knitting content again someday.

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