Saturday, June 13, 2015

What Baby Blanket?

I'm being shamed by the baby blanket. The deadline (her baby shower) is fast approaching. Am I plugging away at it? Am I valiantly charging through skein after skein? Or am I ignoring the miles of garter stitch and sneaking around with a skein of Hat Box from Mrs. Crosby?

Yup, I'm not surprised really at me either. Part of it is, of course, the unwieldiness of the baby blanket. It's big, I'm working with two colors right now and that's not something I like wrangling on the train. Other knitters' yardage may vary but for busy rush hour commutes, I do generally prefer something smaller. Knitting the striped shawl last month got kind of silly, and that wasn't changing colors on each row, as I'm doing presently on Block 9.

And I was really charmed with the hem on the hat that I knit for TLE Academy slipped stitches project. The whole frais pattern was simple yet interesting and I really wanted to see how it would handle multicolor yarn. While there is clearly method to the pattern, it varies enough that I think it should break up any an all pooling. Mrs. C --shown here in the Toucan colorway--doesn't seem like it'd be too prone to pooling but this should break all of that up.

Once I finish this hat (cast on two days ago and I'm through the brim and an inch into the body, I love how fast hats go) my intention is to try the pattern with a skein of BMFA Lightweight in the Room Without a Roof colorway.

IMG_7407 (2)

Of course, I really must finish the baby blanket before I get too much more on the needles. (Pay no attention to the other new project sitting by the bed.)

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  1. Good luck with the baby blanket. It is so hard to resist new projects!!


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