Sock Show Thursday: Rows Stack Up

Slowly, steadily, if one keeps hauling a sock project around and knitting a few rows here and there, a sock appears.


The color is totally off in that picture, here's a better one of the correct color that I showed you previously:


I finished the first sock on Saturday at the eye doctor where to my surprise my prescription hasn't changed! So I just ordered contacts, which should be in sometime during the next week. The Philosopher finds it odd that I still wear hard lenses, but I've gotten used to them and now soft contacts just seem strange to me. They can rip and get grit embedded in them so much more easily. Bleah.

Anyway, knitting. The sock continues apace. I'm not making them sized for me, though intended recipient isn't determined yet. They'll probably go with their neon green siblings through a blue rinse before being appropriately homed.  I've started on sock 2 but not made a huge amount of progress.  Too many other things rolling along. But if the second follows the pattern of the first...


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