Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Memory Yarn

Some yarn is purchased with a project in mind, other yarn is about the destination where you got it.

I never showed you the yarn I bought in Florida, did I?

Philosopher and I found the one yarn store fairly close to Chez Philosoparents, which is called Raging Wool.  It's a little hard to find, the sign outside--as memory serves--just said "Yarn."  It was a nice shop and I rummaged around for a while. They carried the yarns of Rhichard Devrieze, who used to work for Koigu-- and you can tell. The colors feel very familiar and of course are lovely.

I ended up with some Frolicking Feet yarn from Done Roving.


and also a Zauberball that the Philosopher requested as a triangle eventually for him. I'm on a triangle break.

IMG_7478 (2)

Then a couple of weeks ago I went with my goddaughter and her parents up to Wisconsin for a celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Day.  Amongst the beautiful quilt display and incredibly squeaky curds, we found a store that specialized in felted objects. They had some beautiful spinning wheels and a small rack of handspun.


I'm planning on a small cowl/neckwarmer thingy, but we'll see what happens to it once I get back to it. For now it's decorating the stash beautifully and reminding me of a fun weekend.

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