Friday, August 29, 2014

Sifu: On the Way Home

I've been looking around at the Chicago yarn stores recently for some new options. I enjoy Nina but her shop is out of the way and Loopy just doesn't seem to carry anything in terms of smaller dyers, it's all major brands. I miss that from when they had the little shop, I used to find the greatest random stuff there.

Fortunately, AudioGirl was up for an exploration trip to Sifu, which is on the northeast side of Chicago and on my way home. What a gem of a shop! It's absolutely stuffed with yarn from floor to ceiling and they had all sorts of things I'd never seen before. The staff was very welcoming, offering comments without making us feel like we were being supervised. We definitely want to go back.

IMG_7225 (2)

AudioGirl ended up getting yarn to make a new hat--she too left her winter hat in a cab* and I got another skein of Dragonfly Fibers. I was surprised and pleased to find this smaller dyer in a shop. As you can see, that bright green reached out to me again.

IMG_7222 (2)

And also there's that yellow that appealed in the Van Gogh skein. Finally, it's in fall colors.  Can you see why I had to bring it home? The colorway is called Chicago Blackhawks and the base is called Traveller. It's a nice squishy 100% superwash in worsted weight.

I'd like to make a hat with it.  Despite how much I adored my hat last winter, by spring I was very very tired of wearing it everyday.  I'm hoping that keeping two hats in rotation will keep me from being quite so burnt out on my winterwear.  Haven't decided on a pattern yet but I'm sure there must be something in my queue of interest...

This was a very nice yarn store discovery and I hope my next venture, to Sister Arts, goes equally well.

*There must  be some wonderful cabbie lost and found of hand knit hats somewhere in Chicago. I hope they go to a charity or something...

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