Monday, June 2, 2014

I'll be with Mrs. C...

When Franklin Habit started linking to a mysterious Mrs. Crosby, I was intrigued. Then it started seeming that there would be yarn associated with this name and some rather witty comments that were showing up. Finally, someone could point me to Eat, Sleep, Knit, where I could acquire said yarn and here we're off and going...

Mrs. Crosby yarn is the newest project of Beth at Lorna's Laces, whose colors I have long admired. I lost my hat made from one of the LL yarns but I still spent much of the winter wrapped in my giant purple shawl done in the Shepherd Worsted.


I purchased a skein of the fingering weight, which is the only yarn currently sharing a base with the Lorna's line, the solemate yarn.  It's mostly wool but includes Outlast, which is supposed to keep your feet at a reasonable temperature all the time.


You'll have to forgive the less than stellar shots today.  The Philosopher has taken over the entire dining room with his stuff at the moment and there is nowhere for me to set up my lightbox at all.

The Wild Huckleberry is a very nice shaded solid and should knit up well.  I'm not entirely sure what it will become just yet.  It points to a trend though that I think I'm starting to see.  For the past several years, the emphasis in yarn and dying has been focused on bright colors, and super saturated tones. I think part of what appeals about Mrs. Crosby Plays is that it is far more subtle. There are depths to the color, no doubt there, but it hints at Victorian feelings and semi-solids and seems as though it should of course it should be mailed to you with a cup of tea.

Sherri at The Loopy Ewe promised on Friday to have some up today in the regular update and I expect it to start selling like warm cinnamon buns. I may have to wait a round or too to get some, or perhaps if I make my actual 5K as planned this summer...

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