Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bright Shiny Stitchmarkers

I lose stitchmarkers at a fairly regular clip. It doesn't help that the daily pill/vitamin case that I usually store all of my stitchmarkers in went missing for the better part of six months. It was, of course, after I had ordered more that I finally located it.

But stitchmarkers will continue to be used at Chez Hedgehog and I really liked the packaging job done by the etsy crafter that I found.

These are all from Such Gwenderful Stuff.  She mostly makes snagless stitchmarkers and puts them together in sets of different colors. It's really a cute idea and very appealling visually.  I picked up three sets of stitch markers.

IMG_7043 (2)

Each set comes in a really cute tin with a sticker on the lid that identifies the type of stitch marker within.  The winter colors had a snowflake on the top, the rainbox said rainbow, etc.  The tins are small enough to easily fit into a knitting bag--about a dollar coin size around--but large enough that I will hopefully not drop them without noticing a fairly large noise.

IMG_7049 (2)
Further, each  set of stitchmarkers comes on this ring. It's the first time I've seen this done and I think it's brilliant. I've certainly popped open stitch markers and had them fly all over the room, and this little detail--keeping them all together until I need them, is very thoughtful.

Now I have no excuses not to start on lace projects needing stitch markers though...

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