Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Go Away, I'm Knitting a Sweater

Trying to measure seeming intangible long term effects is one of the challenges of information work. We certainly try to quantify and qualify in a variety of ways, but at the end of the day, my desk usually looks worse than it did when I started, there are ever more emails waiting for me, and a new class of students who don't know or don't remember how PubMed works.

I've cited this before as part of the reason I feel particularly bonded to having a craft that is more concrete and where progress, though often slow, is visible and tangible.  In a fit of nothing-I'm-doing-works-and-I-see-no-progress-ever, I stormed the stash.

Nothing like intangible outcomes and weather that seems like it will never get warmer to make a girl want to start knitting a sweater.

I pulled out the second bag of binge yarn from last spring with AudioGirl. She also just started making a sweater from this base, though hers will be teal.  Mine will be brown. It's Filatura Lanarota Wool Sprinkles.

2014-04-30 15-06-39.741

The pattern is from Tin Can Knits and is part of the Simple Collection. This is an excellent set of basic patterns done in a wide range of sizes and available for free.Think of it as oatmeal knitting. Fittingly, most of the patterns have grain names: Maize, Malt, Rye, etc.

I'm knitting up Flax, which is a super simple top down, raglan sleeve, worsted weight sweater. It has a little bit of detail on the sleeve to keep me from entirely zoning out.

2014-04-30 15-06-29.295

And because it's new, it's all I want to do.  Supposed to be reading some articles on the train ride in? But I'm knitting a sweater. Really should go through some of those never-ending emails with lunch? I'd rather squeeze in a couple of rows.

2014-04-30 15-05-14.705

Which might be why I am ready to split for the sleeves already and debating how long I can take this with me on the train each day before it will get really clunky to work on.  I also should have brought another skein with me today because I'm probably going to run out on the train ride home.  I'm always surprised how fast worsted weight knits up after a few months of fingering weight yarn only.

I also started a new scarf for the Philosopher, but I haven't had a chance to photograph it yet. Soon!

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