Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Out of the Darkness

I've noticed the past few days that we're fully back to waking up in the light and, if I leave work on time, I at least get out of my building before it's dark. It's unlikely I can get home in the light--yet--but it's a start.

While I've been neglecting the socks floating around Chez Hedgehog and as I've been eyeballing new sweater patterns, I have spent time on a project I started in 2010: the Pool Cookies Scarf. Long time readers may remember this from a 3.5 year old post.  And really it's not any different, just finally longer.

It doesn't look too different, still that odd kind of double helix spiral/pooling thing happening through the pink, brown and white.  

I am up to about 3.5 feet of scarf now, at least I think I am.  I am intrigued yet again with how much faster a project can get towards completion when I actually work on it.  

I think part of the reason it got shoved into the never never world of the bottom of the stash was that I'm not really close to the person I had in mind when I started the project. Without a specific person in mind, the project languished.  I like the colors, they're interesting in how they look pooling and drifting in between each other, but this is not a project I'll wear.  So once it's done it's going in the gift bin until I find it a good home. 

Oh, that reminds me, I finally blocked the green sweater! Aaaaaand it's too big. The yarn grew a fair amount in a wet block (no I didn't swatch, stop smirking) and I'm debating if I toss it in the dryer for 15 minute cycles or not.  As a big slouchy cardigan it's okay, but I wouldn't wear it to work and that's rather frustrating. 

Not to worry though, I've rounded up 3 other sweater patterns that I think I want to knit 'next' along with Wendy Johnson's lovely new Mythic Mitts pattern. I'm waiting to see how many emails I get from friends and relatives with the strong suggestion that they would really like a pair of dragon mitts and maybe theirs could be in green or orange or blue or or or....

And I still have a third of a sock to try and finish in the next two days. Assuming I don't leave it at work again accidentally.  


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