Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sock Show Tuesday: As Opposed to Thursday

Socks are supposed to be for Thursday but it's cold and I want to show off the newest addition to my sock drawer.

IMG_6877 (2)

My BahBah Bright Sheep socks are done!

First pair of 2014, 58th pair total.  I've started tracking how many pair of socks I've knit in my Ravelry project notes. I figure my 100th pair of socks will need to be something very special. At my current rate, I'll need to worry about that in 3-4 years. I wonder if I'll still be knitting so many socks then?  I'd really just begun this sock binge 3 years ago, so perhaps. Maybe I'll suddenly become a sweater knitter. I could work with that...

Details of these socks. 

The yarn is Baah! La Jolla in the Green Lantern Stripes colorway. I did my usual 1x1 rib pattern over 60 stitches on size 1 (2.0 mm) needles. Standard flap gusset heel.

IMG_6879 (2)

I only got the steady stripes like that on the heel, as the ribbing broke it up the rest of the time. Your gauge and results will vary. I really like this yarn. It's a little bit pricey to be a standard workhorse yarn that I buy frequently, but for the hours of entertainment I get (plus, socks!), it's not a bad investment.

This is the second pair that I've knit myself out of this yarn, I still need to rip the first pair back to the heel. I'd tried a double decrease on the bottom of the sock that TurtleGirl76 swears by on all of her socks but I think I must have done something wrong because it turned out horribly. I may try it again with some worsted weight socks to see if I can figure out what about the technique didn't work.

Until then, I have very bright feet! 

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