Sunday, January 26, 2014

Back on Wool, Brighter Than Ever

My hand is doing better. The verdict was a bruised ulnar nerve. I'd fallen off the couch reaching for some knitting (isn't that just the way?) and slammed my elbow into the floor a day or so before my hand suddenly started hurting. This lead to an annoyed nerve and hand pain. A whole lot of Advil later, the pain is far less and that makes me happy.

Once moving my hand no longer was a source of much whining and my IM doc had breathed a sigh of relief after I mentioned the banged elbow--not sure what tests we would have had to do had it not been a bruised nerve--I got back to the Philosoten Socks. These are pair 2 for 2014, and if I actually buckle down they might even see a sock mostly done before February.

The yarn is Fiber Optic Foot Notes in the Catamaran colorway. There are hints of darker blue and green in there, but I'm having a doozy of a time getting the camera to show them. It's one of the challenges with her yarns, it's stunning in person but hard to photograph. Trust me when I say that these shine brightly.


Part of the need for such vibrant color, I think, is some quiet desperation for any color among all of the snow and ice. While we missed the last snowfall, that going south of us and clobbering a friend in South Bend with another 4 inches, on Monday and Tuesday our highs are going to be negative Farenheit numbers. So I cling to my bright wool and remind myself that spring is going to come, eventually.

As I'm sure is obvious by the name, these are for the Philosopher. He picked out the yarn a while ago, when I pointed him and AudioGirl at a pile of skeins and told them to pick out what they wanted, with the caveat that I'd get around to knitting those socks eventually.  I think I've gotten through all the yarn AudioGirl picked.  I have to make more plans for 2014 socks. I wound up some yarn but haven't really set a coherent plan. Ah well, that's what February is for, right?

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