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You're Out...

There's a yarn store that's walking distance from my apartment. It's one of the lures that the Philosopher used when trying to get me to move to or at least visit this neighborhood with him. And I'll admit, it was a tempting one. The reality of store hours plus home distance to work have rather inhibited any much yarn store enjoyment.

I'd tried visiting the shop once before and was disappointed in the selection and really irritated by the staff person (owner? unsure) who tried to save me from my yarn purchase. While I can still pass for a graduate student, the assumption that I didn't know the first thing about knitting was exceptionally grating.

Yesterday, with some spare time on my hands, I ventured in again. Had I been too hasty? Was I not giving it enough of a chance?

I was, unfortunately, disappointed again. The taste of the owner is not mine. As such, the yarn available is not much of what I expect to have in my stash. I asked the woman working (I hope s…

Sock Show Thursday: Merrily Thru March

I had rather figured that by the end of March, I wouldn't be daily turning to my fairly large stash of handknit socks. I, of course, would be wrong, but at least it hasn't snowed a whole lot here recently. I only saw a handful of flakes today and we're promised 40s by the end of the week.

The March socks continue. I'm halfway down the foot. Considering I only have until Sunday to meet my self imposed arbitrary deadline, this is a little troubling. But there are commutes to go still and I'm now listening to Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  So far, I don't like the characters particularly, though the language tone is very comfortable.  I'm not sure if this will improve, Philosopher suggests not. I'm reading it at the suggestion of My Friend the Lawyer, so I may need to call him at the end and see what he finds most entrancing about it.

Here's my attempt at an interesting picture

It's very washed out and the blues are all wrong--those should be t…

Hat Top

I'd promised a picture of the top of the latest Sockhead hat.

Tada. It's gone off to live in the gift bin until further notice.

I like how the spiral came out on top. Philosopher has confirmed that it does not fit the average adult male head, so this will be limited to a female or child sized person instead.

The remainders of the yarn are headed for the leftovers bin and officially out of the real yarn bins.  We won't discuss the amount of yarn ends presently taking up space as leftovers. It's not all that much, but a very real dread of weaving in ends on a huge blanket or having to seam a huge blanket make me reticent to tackle it. Plus, the Philosopher keeps saying he'd like to make more monsters and/or mochi mochi and leftovers are great for those.

I did, last weekend, get out the pink/burgundy afghan again. That project is such an albatross. A few hours on it and I thought I'd make a dent but I am realizing a) it's not going to be as wide as I'd …

Knitting on the Horizon

(No good knitting pictures today, so here's a photo of that little twig that was just starting to come back a few months ago. It's a happy little fern now.)

I've made a ton of progress on those teal/black socks since last week. Along with Witches Abroadby Terry Pratchett in my earbuds, they've been making the commute and that lends itself to a fair amount of knitting, assuming I get a seat.

Of course, I'm now referring to everyone as "Our Jason" and burst into laughter frequently for no apparent reason, which seems to trouble other CTA riders. I'm about done with the heel flap on the second sock (see, told you there was progress) and then it's just the foot to go, so I should be able to finish that in the next 9 days prior to month's end. Maybe, if I'm very diligent, I can get back to the pair for the Philosopher and get a bit ahead for April.

YarnCon finally posted their teaching schedule. I considered the drop spindle class but decided …

Sock Show Thursday: Can She Pull Ahead?

I was really excited to be coming into the third month of the year ahead on my sock knitting. With a vague plan to finish at least one pair of socks every month, I already was nearly thru 2 pairs and well on my way. And then socks go missing* and life gets in the way and suddenly it's nearly mid-March and I have very little sock knitting done on any pair that would like to claim the title of 3rd pair.

But I do have a little work to show you and hopefully my usual sock knitting skills will kick back in soon. Perhaps I can find a couple of webinars that I need to listen to for work....
I don't think you've seen either of these socks yet. First up, I'm working on yet another pair for the Philosopher. He's on his sixth pair of socks. Is there some kind of sock knitting equivalent that equals a sweater? I hope not.  
This is the last of the BMFA surprise yarn, which in my mind means that I'm running low on BMFA. In actuality I have several skeins of BMFA and a lot o…

Absent Minded Knitting

Trying to work through yarn from the stash has had some interesting consequences. One rule of thumb for yarn ownership and retention is that if you don't love the yarn, it needs to leave the stash and go to somewhere that it will be loved. While I can usually make the hard decisions on yarn that was a mistake, often time I will find a yarn that I'm a little less committed to but which comes with memories. That's the yarn I bought while on vacation with my best friend from high school. This is the skein that seemed like such a good idea on the day that AudioGirl and I were hanging out. Over here is a skein that I bought because everyone online was buying it and there was that funny conversation, etc etc etc.  While the yarn itself may not be as special to me, the memories are and, as knitting it lets me extend the memory and stop it needing room in the stash, that yarn has been starting to show up on the needles more frequently.

This yarn memory was of the dyer, Dizzy Blond…

A Little Bit of Photography

I've never been one who self-identifies as a photographer, the majority of my friends and I were usually theater and music people, happy in that self expression of artistic nature rather than behind a lens screen. Photography was always Sibling-the-Elder's hobby and, like Agatha Christy novels and cobweb alpaca lace shawls, something I've been happy to leave to her. I'd rather model for her and if you ever see me give a presentation, you'll usually see her credited for at least one of the photos I use in my decks--frequently of my spoiled cats.

I do, however, own a heavily abused PowerShot SD1000 which has never quite been the same after the soaking it got in Hawaii in 2011.  The camera for me holds far more interest as a means to an end rather than an artistic tool. I'm less concerned with telling a story, as the Philosopher described a photographic goal, instead I'd like a true to color, reasonably interesting image that shows you whatever it is that I…

Things Unseen

The Code4Lib socks may be permanently missing. The last place I remember seeing them was a bar, which isn't a good sign. I don't really mind about the sock or even the needles, though that was my circular size 0 9" and might also have been DPNs, I'm not sure.  I do mind that the bag was a custom run one done by a seamstress in NC who isn't making them anymore.  I still have to call the bar but I'm not especially hopeful. The bag also could have ended up in the cab we took home or on the sidewalk by the bar....
I did finish AudioGirl's stockings and they've gone to her, sadly without a final picture. Two years ago I gave her three pair of handknit socks for her birthday and we promptly had the mildest winter we've had in years. She never wore them. I assume that finally finishing the boot/socks means that spring will be here by the end of the upcoming week.  The Philosopher and AudioGirl have assured me that they would be okay with this. 
I've b…