Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sock Show Thursday: Temporary Progress

*Hello visitors from the Yarn Harlot! Sock Show is usually on Thursday, Monday was a late catch up.*

I've been plugging away at this sock this week, but I'm not sure whether or not it's going to survive. Ultimately, it's not up to me, it's up to the Philosopher, on whose feet these will be residing. The reason for the possible demise?

It's pooling. A lot. Strangely. 

It's kind of striping, but not. It's sort of spiraling, but not. The colors are lovely, but odd with the pooling. A rich dark blue and purple, the lighter blue and pops of yellow.  

Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance really to see the Philosopher and get his opinion, we're doing the "I'll see you while one of us is mostly unconscious" approach to communicating this week. I leave before he's up almost all the time but this week he's been getting home after I have flopped onto the bed and fallen asleep as that's where our air at home is. So he hasn't seen the socks as yet.

This is my second time using the Adorn base from Three Irish Girls and again, it's very nice. My first pair was the Gray Lady socks I made for the Incredibly Patient Mother last year. I'm continuing, as usual, to do a 1x1 plain vanilla ribbed sock. 1x1 definitely goes a little more slowly than 2x2 but it gives a much nicer squish to the sock I think and my hands are used to it now. Also, it gives a little more fit to the leg of the sock, which is good when there isn't elastic/spandex/etc. 

The weather this week has not been conducive to knitting. A few minutes wait for the train means sticky sweaty hands in these 90+ degree temperatures and ridiculous humidity. Inside the air conditioning, of course, it's not so bad. The vacillation between shivering with goosebumps to heavily perspiring and back again is hard on the body and makes it difficult to concentrate. The heat is supposed to break on Saturday a little and by Sunday we might have highs in the 70s. 

Oh, for those curious, I haven't finished the second sock for AudioGirl. It's still languishing waiting for me not to be over-committed and overheated at Chez Hedgehog.  I don't know that the commitments are going anywhere but the heat might and I will get it done.  

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