Friday, July 26, 2013

Cause I'm Almost There

I loved the music from Disney's Princess and the Frog.  It was speaking that I walked into seeing Tangled with my friend Jenny singing songs from it and, after sitting through the latter movie and it's songs, we still walked out singing P&tF.

The end is in sight for the knitting of the squares.  I'm on the third color of square 12! Then I just have to figure out seaming, do all the seaming, put on a border, and weave in all the ends. That should only take 15 minutes on the train, right?

It's an impressive pile of squares:

IMG_6606 (2)

I'm looking forward to getting everything put together and seeing just how eye-searing it will be. If you hear someone muttering "bright colors are good for babies..." that'll be me.

IMG_6614 (2)

I had stalled a bit again on Square 11 but I had an extra large amount of time on the train earlier this week and, in anticipation of that, brought along the yarn. I only have three more sides to go (40, 40, and 50 stitches; 20 rows each, respectively).  If I only have one skein of yarn though, that makes it more functional for commute knitting. The possibilities are there....

I have lots of "once I finish the afghan plans" but those need to wait until said afghan is indeed complete.

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