Waiting for Dye

I did finish the sweater! It's my first official sweater, despite having talked a knitting student in La Crosse through one. I did make a shrug for a coworker's daughter once but that was a super bulky project and wasn't for me, so I'm not counting that either.


I bought this yarn for the excellent reasons of a) it was on sale and b) it was named after one of my favorite heroines: Elizabeth Bennet. It's from Yarn Love, who is no longer dying, in the Plum Cake colorway. Apparently plum cakes are a yellow cake.  Unfortunately, yellow cake and my complexion are not really good for each other, so I need to track down some sort of dye.


It's a cute sweater, perfect for summer. The yarn is 20% bamboo and 15% silk, which make it light and glossy. It doesn't close in the front, but it will do nicely over a tank top or light t-shirt for cooler summer evenings.


Just as soon as I get the ends woven in and it fully dyed.


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