Friday, April 12, 2013

Yarn Con: A Quick Spin and The Ladies of Piddleloop

I did make it to YarnCon last weekend but sadly, for only about 40 minutes. Morning errands running late and having agreed to go to Jurassic Park meant that I only really had time for one swing through all of the booths and some hasty purchases. Of what I did see there was a really nice variety and there seemed to be a pretty steady (if not extremely busy) flow of people. Attendees really appeared to be there to do some buying, not just browsing.

The Philosopher came with and found some PVC spinning wheels that he really wanted to try (and also maybe to duplicate). These were available from Babe's Fiber Garden.

I had thought I'd make a full loop through before breaking out the cash but that went out the window when I reached the Piddleloop table. I loved how laid back they had everything. Bags were sorted by style in simple rummaging bins. I could flip through as you might a row of cards and pull out designs for comparison.  And of course, when they have a special when you buy two....

Piddleloop Pair

They come flat, which meant easy storage in my purse.  Putting them away, I pulled out the Piddleloop currently in purse rotation (green one here), which Jen and Wendy exclaimed to be "old fabric" and commented that it looked well loved.  (Either that or they were horrified that one of their bags has been through the wash that many times and is still tea stained, I'm not sure which...)

And so now I have cats--the tabby looks like Gypsy

Piddleloop Cat 1

and I have Sparkly Sheep!

Piddleloop Sheep 2

They said I was the first to pick up a sparkly sheep bag but almost immediately as I examined it a woman came up and wanted one also. She took the one with the yellow zipper.

Yarn in the next post!

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