Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sock Show Thursday: All Sock Weight

Not all of my projects are sock weight yarn, but everything I think I've actively knit on in hte past few days is.  I picked up most of the collar for the sweater that I'm a collar away from being done with; I'm through the gusset decreases on Cinnamon Sock 1; I finished the toe on the Easter Basket striping socks.

I'm also through the ribbing finally on the green sockhead hat. I'm making it out of Dizzy Blonde Studios Yarn from when she first started dyeing. La, the owner, used to be a part of JenLa which was a podcast or a duo blog, one of the two. I didn't follow it but definitely hopped on the yarn bandwagon.  Now that it's on the stockinette section it's pooling like crazy but it's a good mindless churn and someone will love it.  

I really need to get AudioGirl's boot socks finished up this weekend so I can get them to her on Monday.  Following these I want to get a few more pair of super bulky slipper socks on the needles. It's gratifying to get super bulky knit up quickly and ta-da! Done.

Then it's back to the fingering weight. Let's see. Of the fingering weight yarn that I own presently which could be made into socks (and wouldn't instantly fall apart), I could knit about 42 pair of socks. Now, at least 8-10 pair are destined for other things: I own 5 skeins of x yarn to make into a light cardigan or 2 skeins of y yarn to make into a large shawl, etc etc.  

And some lovely knitters from Seattle have been telling me about stores in their town....

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