Saturday, January 26, 2013

Slipper Socks

I'm in Seattle this evening trying to plan out where Courtney and I will venture in the spare two hours we have on Monday in between conference meetings. She knows her duties in preventing me from needing a second suitcase to accommodate the yarn purchases and has accepted said challenge.

Here at conference, I'm working on socks. I got through half a sock while on the plane on Friday and got through heel turn, gusset, and the majority of the foot during my Saturday meetings. It's a pair for the Philosopher and since he's not here I have to get to wait to get a foot measurement from him when I get home, I'll get to a point and then stop and switch to the other sock.

I've been wearing my Color Affection and that's brought out a couple of knitters too.  :)

But I wanted to show you what's waiting for me at home. I'm working on AudioGirl's Christmas gift, a pair of slipper socks that have a challenging cabled pattern.  The pattern is the Slipper Socks from Patons.  I've had to do some tweaks on the pattern, several of the directions don't quite make sense.  It's worsted weight, which I think is the only way I'll ever get through knee high socks.


Gypsy, of course, had to help.  I'm using Cascade 220 Superwash. It's knitting up well, the slippers are very squishy and I'm getting really nice stitch definition.


I'm doing four cables every other row and adding another two cables every 6 rows.  I'm about halfway down the leg on the second slipper but it's a do-at-home-only project so it's taking a longer time than I wish. I did finally get the pattern into my hands so I need to reference the chart less.

I should have some new yarn to show you next week!!

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  1. So Much Yarn is walking distance from the convention center:

    If you have a little more time you could take the #5 bus up to the Fiber Gallery in Greenwood ( or the #16 bus to Bad Woman Yarn in Wallingford ( or the #43 from right outside the convention center to Weaving Works ( All three are great shops but maybe 20-30 minute bus ride.


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