Saturday, July 30, 2011

If It's July, Then I Must Be Knitting Bulky Wool

What is it about July and extremely hot temperatures to send me into my stash for whatever the bulkiest wool I own? Two years ago it was that green and tan afghan that still isn't done, this year it's the super bulky yarn that I bought in Milwaukee with the Master Sergeant.

Liz Abinate of Feministy posted a quick squishy bulky cowl the other day and finally, I found a project that I thought was right for this yarn. 

There's not much of it, only 130 yards and knitting it up on size 17 needles means it's going to go fast, assuming I actually knit on it.  And then I'll have a new cowl for winter! I've been living in cowls for a couple of years so this will be another welcome addition to the pile. 

It's seed stitch and I'll seam the ends together when I'm done, hopefully that will be soon.

I'm glad to be getting this yarn used, I felt guilty having it just sit in my stash after having made said Master Sergeant climb on a chair and rummage on the top shelf of a small and very squished yarn store in order to retrieve it for me.

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