Sunday, July 3, 2011

And Another Thousand Meters Go Through My Fingers...

Because I tend to be pretty spread out on which projects I'm working on, it's often hard to feel as though I'm making real progress.  Oh, I finish things here and there and when I remember lengths get added to KnitMeter and Ravelry gets updated, but the day to day knitting seems like an endless black hole of projects.

It doesn't help that the minute I get to a heel or toe on a current pair of socks, I cast on another pair. We won't talk about the fact that I'm eying a couple of skeins that I can't possibly get to this weekend. Nope, nothing to look at or talk about there.

What has gotten the most work was the Early Summer Sky socks.  When last you saw them, they were only a cuff. Now, they are 1.25 socks.


They're on size 1 (2.25mm) needles, so they're moving a little faster than the New Green socks did.

This is Yarn Love Juliet yarn. It's decidedly fine. Not fabulous, not awful, just ...fine. The color is nice but not one that people comment on. It has a good hand but it's not the squishiest I've ever worked with. I would consider buying more if they had another color I liked but I look at my current stash, have a bit of a duck, and remind myself that it'll be quite a while before I need to buy any more sock wool.


The blue does have little hints of brown in it. That doesn't distract me, mostly because I don't look at socks while I'm knitting them.  I do like that the yarn isn't pooling!

This next pair I'm a little more enamoured with. I really do adore the Medium-weight base of Socks that Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I was getting ready to go to New Orleans for a conference and ended up hand winding this yarn because I didn't feel like setting up my swift.  Well..I hand wound it with my ball winder. It was not my best move, I really should have just set up the swift.

I'm working on the foot of Sock 1--enjoy the summer pedicure toe pic!


The green is striping a little it with the gray. The colorway is Lucky.  I did a slightly longer cuff than usual and I tried something different for the cast on. I held two size 2 needles (2.75 mm) together and then knit the cast on onto them with one more size 2 needle.  It was really roomy when I moved the stitches onto the 9" circular that I'm using but it seems to have pretty much worked itself in and is still stretchy. Something I will continue doing, I have trouble with tighter cast ons and cutting off blood flow in the legs is frowned upon.


And finally, just to prove that I haven't frogged it, here's the neglected shawl


I really need to get back to it. Work is cold and this Hoglette needs a new shawl.

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