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If It's July, Then I Must Be Knitting Bulky Wool

What is it about July and extremely hot temperatures to send me into my stash for whatever the bulkiest wool I own? Two years ago it was that green and tan afghan that still isn't done, this year it's the super bulky yarn that I bought in Milwaukee with the Master Sergeant.

Liz Abinate of Feministy posted a quick squishy bulky cowl the other day and finally, I found a project that I thought was right for this yarn. 

There's not much of it, only 130 yards and knitting it up on size 17 needles means it's going to go fast, assuming I actually knit on it.  And then I'll have a new cowl for winter! I've been living in cowls for a couple of years so this will be another welcome addition to the pile. 

It's seed stitch and I'll seam the ends together when I'm done, hopefully that will be soon.

I'm glad to be getting this yarn used, I felt guilty having it just sit in my stash after having made said Master Sergeant climb on a chair and rummage on the to…

About the Belt

I gave you a quick and dirty shot of the belt that I'm working on for the Philosopher. It's only progressed slightly, mostly because after I put up that post, I found a different stitch pattern that I wanted to use and ripped it all out AGAIN.

Anyway, I'm finally finally finally happy with the density that I'm getting for the belt, it has been Philosopher approved, and I'm making progress. Snail-slow progress but still it's something.

The belt is being knit out of hemp.  Here's the pound of hemp that I got in the mail.

This is a single ply of light laceweight, which, while very flexible, is not quite dense enough for a man's belt. After some trial and error, I decided on chaining the yarn first with my trusty crochet hook and then knitting the crocheted hemp.  That seems to be working out pretty well.

Ultimately I decided upon using the linen stitch. It's wrapping in on itself just smidge but once I washed a section of it, it lay out flat. So I thin…

Wherein I Do Not Actually Slack....

Occasionally I feel like I'm not accomplishing very much on the knitting front.  I don't churn out lace like my sister, designs like several good friends, or various other large quantities of projects like some of the bloggers and pod/videocasters that I follow. However, I do have my little triumphs.

I realized the other day that the two pairs of socks that are currently on the needles are pair 11 and 12--for 2011.  Someone asked and I counted in Ravelry.  Since the beginning of the year I've knit

New Green Socks
Languishing Socks
Corn for Cristy
Indulgent Green Socks
What New Socks
Ugly Work Socks
Subtle Stripe Sunday
Purple Pond Socks
Summer Sky Socks

Now, granted, I had been working on the Languishing Socks for a while and there is one pair of footies in there--but none of those are infant sized. 3 pair are for a size 9 shoe, the other 7 pair are for a size 7 shoe. Considering we're only in July (granted, August is soon upon us), I think it's fairly safe to say…

My Hands Hurt....

The Philosopher asked for a belt. I, apparently not being of sound mind, thought this would be a relatively easy undertaking.

I'm not going to learn anytime soon am I?

This 8 inches of knitting is all I've accomplished in three hours yesterday evening. What you don't see is the 5 ripped out attempts and the sad realization that I have to crochet the hemp thread into something approaching a sport weight before I can knit it on size 0 needles to get any kind of density close to what I'm looking for in seed stitch.

My hands ache and the skin on my index fingers feels sore and abused.  But it's started and hopefully it won't be deemed too girly.  I'm not sure I have the strength to rip it out again.

It's Too Darn Hot...

I'd like to say I've been working on my heavy purple wool shawl and that it's all done.  I have actually knit on it! AudioGirl and I had a Knit Night recently and I took it along. But it's a garter triangle and a picture wouldn't really show you much.  So we'll just stick to the socks, shall we?

No More Blue Songs:

The Summer Sky socks are done! I've finished with the Yarn Love Juliet Yarn. These were drug up to a cabin in Michigan, where I did a marathon day of knitting. They're on size one needles and are sized to fit my own feet. Last count of socks that will be gracing my drawer this winter puts me at about 10 pair!  I'm very excited to see how all of that turns out once colder weather arrives.

Putt Putt Putt:

Hey, these socks look like they belong on a putting green, now don't they? The Lucky Socks are, in theory, in the rotation, but they haven't seen much love since I got back from Michigan. That's right, I finished the blue and m…

There Will be Bunny Nuggets

When the Philosopher and I first started hanging out, he indicated an interest in learning amigurumi in efforts to make children's gifts for friends who are starting to have children. I was blunt in that my talents with the crochet hook are rather limited and that I much prefer the pointy sticks. He was amenable (especially after watching me knit and eat, knit and walk, knit and talk, knit and sleep--wait, that's just a hopeful wish) to learning to knit.

I set out to find something small and stuffed animal like that he could learn some shaping on and remembered that I'd seen Laura L talk about making Monster Chunks for her student workers. I didn't want to make Chunks but I found another Rebecca Danger pattern that I did like: Bunny Nuggets.

And, if a girl is going to be knitting Bunny Nuggets, why not just go down the path of knitting monsters and inflicting them upon unsuspecting friends.

Gypsy approves (and the Incredibly-Patient-Mother has already picked out her fa…

Wool in the Muggy City

Now, you didn't think I managed to go to New Orleans and not acquire wool, did you?  Really?

The worst part is I wasn't even trying. I had gotten directions to walk to one of the Louisiana State Museums that is on Jackson Square. I set off out of my hotel, turned at the appropriate corners, stopped at CVS for sunscreen....

And then I saw a sign ahead of me. A needlepoint shop. I don't know many people who do needlepoint but it made more sense than holding an afghan's worth of bulky weight wool in my lap. I slowed just a bit to peer in the windows as I strolled past.

Next thing you knew I was inside the store because I could see the yarn!!

I'd found the Quarter Stitch.

The three ladies and adorable bichon mutt that were there were lovely.  There wasn't a huge selection of wool and nearly all of it was stuff I could get here in Chicago pretty easily. They did have a bit of locally dyed cotton but a) I own way too much cotton b) the skeins were pretty but not quit…

Happy Independence Day!!

For those of you in the US, Gypsy and I wish you a Happy 4th of July!

And Another Thousand Meters Go Through My Fingers...

Because I tend to be pretty spread out on which projects I'm working on, it's often hard to feel as though I'm making real progress.  Oh, I finish things here and there and when I remember lengths get added to KnitMeter and Ravelry gets updated, but the day to day knitting seems like an endless black hole of projects.

It doesn't help that the minute I get to a heel or toe on a current pair of socks, I cast on another pair. We won't talk about the fact that I'm eying a couple of skeins that I can't possibly get to this weekend. Nope, nothing to look at or talk about there.

What has gotten the most work was the Early Summer Sky socks.  When last you saw them, they were only a cuff. Now, they are 1.25 socks.

They're on size 1 (2.25mm) needles, so they're moving a little faster than the New Green socks did.

This is Yarn Love Juliet yarn. It's decidedly fine. Not fabulous, not awful, just ...fine. The color is nice but not one that people comment on.…

Hedgehog Got a Brand New Bag....

If you watch any of the knitting videocasts that abound of late, you've probably heard of the Piddleloop Girls and their fabulous bags. This pair of sisters are turning out quality project bags that we can't seem to get enough of. Presently, I have three and they are in constant rotation.

The most recent on that I acquired came out of a conversation with Jen (half of the Piddleloop team) on Plurk. She'd mentioned that she was going fabric shopping and was there anything she should keep an eye out for?  I think her fabric trips must be the best ever--she gets to buy all of that novelty fabric that I look at and wonder what on earth I'd ever sew it into.  I, of course, asked for something of the hedgehog persuasion.

While there was no new hedgehog fabric acquired, Jen recalled some in their stash. She and sis went digging and turned up some fabric. I saw a picture and put in a custom order for a large wedge bag.

Here it is!!

It's big enough to hold three skeins of s…

The Little Hedgehog That Could

I was feeling rather sad, thinking I didn't have much to show you.  And then I actually started pulling together the photos of what has come off the needles lately, what's on the needles, and new yarn and then I didn't feel like that anymore.  So let's jump into things shall we?

A couple of things are done, off the needles and included in Stash Dash 2011 with the KnitGirlls. I'm at about 1500m so far, not exactly where I should be considering that we're about to the halfway point but I have a trip coming up this weekend where I fully expect to spend most of Saturday evening and all of Sunday with needles in hand.  Progress will be made.

Done but still here

Here is the final pair of socks for AudioGirl's Birthday. She's been getting quite the wealth of knitted things this year.  She's not getting knitted stuff for Christmas, knitting maybe but not knitted. These are knit out of the first two skeins of KPPPM that I fell down and bought at Loopy when it…