Monday, May 9, 2011

There and Back Again

It looks as though I've accomplished almost nothing on the green sock but I have. I frogged it entirely, cast on four fewer stitches and now I've gotten back through all of the yarn I had knit and am on to new yarn. I'm almost to the point where I can turn the heel, which is definitely progress, it just doesn't always feel like it. Socks on size 0 needles take so much longer than socks on size 2 needles.  

The sock has come a variety of places. It went to a couple bars with the Philosopher, other friends and I over the weekend and around Shedd Aquarium yesterday. The Trombonist, the Philosopher and I went to see the Jellies exhibit! It is incredibly peaceful to watch all of the jellyfish float around, though we did wonder which intern has the horrible job of opening the tank in the evening and untangling/combing all of the jellies who got twisted around each other during the day. In one tank it appeared that all of the jellies might tangle together and what a knotted mess that might be!!  I wonder if they have natural detangling abilities or just plan to lose tentacles if needing to go a separate way.  

We also saw a very pregnant Beluga whale, adorable sea otters,sea horses, and a couple of really giant crustaceans. It was far more interesting than what I remembered from my last visit to Shedd, which was memorialized for me in having walls of brown and tedious trout. The interactive features left a fair amount to be desired (press here for a something on this board to light up!) but we did like the touch screen information of what was in different tanks and then various creatures were by themselves quite amazing.  

Onward through the sock.

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