Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Moment of Pottery

Ever since hearing about yarn bowls, I've wanted one. While I'm not sure I'd use one all that often, I'm usually on the go and my knitting is squashed into a pocket, bag, purse, or wherever else I can manage to stuff it for the walk to the train, I think they are lovely and I'm happy to see independent potters adding to my craft.

Jennie the Potter is well known for her work. I've seen her at a number of shows but had never felt inclined to purchase. Then, around Valentine's Day, she offered a limited number of custom orders. Jennie's bowls always have a sheep and a ball of yarn on them. For the custom order, I could pick what color sheep and what color yarn.

Raise your hand if you knew what color ball of yarn I got without looking at the pictures?

It's lovely! Heavy pottery, lovely glaze. I have been using it for the Tess Shawl out of the Lorna's, as I've actually been home working on that.  Who knew! This one won't go to work with me, but I wouldn't be sad to have another one in the future that I could put work knitting in on my desk.



Happy Sheep!

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