Monday, January 24, 2011

One Plodding Knit Stitch at a Time

It's much harder to be a prolific knitter when social obligations call you away from the needles for more than one evening a week. I'm enjoying being very social again but I've overdone it a bit and found myself duly leveled on Saturday. An ambitious cold virus set me sleeping 36 hours straight, interrupted only by one attempt at a warm cup of tea and two feedings of a cat who would not be ignored. Gypsy was very confused and worried that I wouldn't get up otherwise, always nice to have someone squeaky fussing over you.

Fortunately AudioGirl and the Therapist are happy to plan knit nights and someday I might be able to lure the Cartoonist over for a civilized evening of tea and biscuits and swearing at wool.

In the interim, I make no progress on the blanket, nor the shawls. I did however take possession of the last yarn purchase of 2010: four skeins of Socks that Rock in Medium Weight. It's approximately a sport weight, for those playing along, which puts it in the category of Hedgehog's favorite sock weight. I've only ever had one other skein of STR and that went to AudioGirl in a swap before I started seriously knitting socks.

Jan24 002
The skein on the far left (Puck's Mischief) is bound for a shawl. AudioGirl and I agreed it's just too lovely to be consigned to feet. Personally, I think she sounded a little skeptical about a couple of the other skeins, but an interesting sock drawer I want and so I shall have. The other three skeins are destined for work sock knitting: 2x2 rib socks, hauled around campus and knit through meetings. At the rate I'm knitting at work this should last me until the end of spring semester. The to be sock colors include Gypsum (now down from the website on vacation), My Blue Heaven (blues and greens, shocking I know), and Never on a Sunday (pretty and bright, hopefully will help me think of spring). 

But for now these skeins are still in sock queue as I spend my time in a Purple Pond and with Seafoam Socks.

The Seafoams only get worked on at work. Since I did not take them to that last meeting where I could knit, that means they get a couple rounds a day, as I'm trying to explain the inter-library loan page over the telephone or listening to a webinar that's not note taking intensive.

I just turned the heel on the first sock and I'm working down the gusset. Last count I have about a half dozen more decrease rows before I can charge on down the foot and finish this sock. The yarn is warm and slubby but I'm less in love with it than I was. It's not the yarn's fault, it's just my own fickle nature thinking that oh, that's all I have to knit in the office when I have five minutes or need to stop briefly and clear my head. My systems administrator thinks I'm strange for knitting while he installs things on my computer. I think it makes far more sense than me hovering asking "are you done yet?" every twenty seconds.

At home, when I have five minutes not taken with sleep or petting a very neglected feline (the other side effect of being social--the cat is displeased), I'm working on the Purple Pond socks.

And I finished one!!

Jan24 008

The yarn definitely got much muddier/quieter as it knit up.In the skein it was very vibrant and now it is pleasantly chipper. We're still dealing with a multicolored sock but not one needing to announce its presence to the aliens on other planets.  

Jan24 007

The remaining half skein of sock yarn is taunting me. It's not getting cast on this evening. I have five things that must needs be done and then I'm going to bed. I'm still not quite at 100%. 

There's always tomorrow. 

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