Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Mail Day!

I was really sad to hear that Sonny and Shear was going out of business, though I had to applaud Kris for prioritizing for herself and her family. 

That being said, as I described to one copartner in knitting shopping, I might have made a mad dash over to the website shouting "Save the Yarn Love." Maybe.  Possibly. 

A little over half of what I purchased is for raffle prizes for the LPL Knitting in Public Day.  But here's an idea of what I picked up at the post office today:

Yarn Love, Oceanwind Knits Merino, and Zen Garden (all going home with me--not giving away half a pair of socks)

Also going home with me: ArtsyGal Handpaints.  Ooh, ahh, no clue what I'm making with it yet.

The whole haul.  A fair amount of artsygal....and my coworkers are already squabbling over it.  They'll have to enter the raffles just like everybody else.

I've resisted the last two updates at The Loopy Ewe, including a midweek Bugga update. But there's not been a whole lot of knitting of late.

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