Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Mail Days

I keep swearing off yarn buying--why this is I don't know. I love yarn, I use yarn, I share yarn I no longer love with others. It's not a huge portion of my annual budget--though it rivals what I spend on plane tickets.

But then, then my sister has to go and point out that Discontinued Name Brand Yarn had Louet. I have a huge soft spot for Louet Gems, it was one of the first really good yarns that I realized I'd be willing to spend an entire paycheck on with only a minimum of guilt. And did I mention that somewhere on the trip home from Egypt I misplaced one of my new finished fingerless mitts?  I was seriously bummed about that.

I did manage to somewhat restrain myself.  I cleaned them out of Indigo (I bought both skeins), got a bag of Cloud, and picked up some worsted in a color I would normally never buy (citrus) for a project for a friend who is much more orange inclined than I am.


That really should have been enough to tide me over for a bit, right? But then somebody said one of the magic phrases: Bugga's up at The Loopy Ewe!

I really like the colors the Sanguine Gryphon dyes and made my first full adult pair of socks from the Eidos sock base. I've heard raves about the Bugga and Skinny Bugga yarn base--which have that elusive and expensive fiber: cashmere.  Plus, there's that whole rarity, it's going to sell out in five minutes, run go now effect. 

The result?  One skein:

The other colors (that were left by the time I got there) were okay but not really to my taste.  Still, when it arrived and I felt it--there was an ooooooooooooh soft moment. This yarn will not be socks. I think it's going to become one of WendyKnit's shawlettes. 

And will someone please remind me the next time that I decide to make a Clapotis that to do so in Malabrigo means I have to unpick, two rows at a time, every dropped stitch row? That added at least two hours onto the project time....

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